What we do
Restore the image of Somali pirates
European media has proved to spread ill-grounded rumors about Somali pirates. They were too often presented as greedy merciless criminals. Somero believes it is time to put an end to this raging misinformation campaign. In truth, Somali pirates are kind hearted fishermen, whose only goal is to protect their fishing stocks and to levy taxes on boats cruising in Somali waters. Indeed, it has been over 20 years that no government manages these waters and it is therefore natural that coastal populations conduct custom operations  by themselves.

The pirate fair label
Beyond advocacy, Somero commits to a more sustainable world by certifying fish coming from seas policed by Somali pirate forces. Our teams of controllers insure that the fish you buy is caught from stocks closely monitored by pirates’ fleets and so are safe from extinction. We seek to extend the pirate fair label to other areas. On one hand, Somali pirates are every year reaching further from their traditional waters enabling us to certify more fish. On the other hand, the Somali example starts to seed in other regions and we hope to be soon able to bring to you certified Salmon from the Northern Atlantic in collaboration with Norwegian Vikings and swordfish from the Caribbean in collaboration with Haiti Buccaneers.

Promote privateering
Somero commits to the cause by approaching European governments and push them to solve their contradictions by privateering Somali pirates. Since piracy proved to be the most efficient way to protect fishing stocks, in terms of financial investment as well as time, European government have a direct interest in institutionalizing piracy. It would enable the states to protect their own ships from hijacking and at the same time to conduct efficient police operations to prevent illegal fishing.


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